Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wow. It’s been over two years since I’ve blogged a word.  Yes, I’ve been writing. Just not here. Life got very busy last year as I put the pedal to the metal in order to graduate last June. After that, I spent the summer in Arlington, VA at my daughter’s house taking care of my then new grandson. In September, 2015, I returned to work full-time at Silent Unity, completing my last series of Licensing and Ordination interviews in January this year and being ordained on January 31.

So I’m now Reverend Lesley--a immense, crazy goal achieved. A career in ministry begun. A life of my imagining manifested through the creative process. Can I hear an Amen!

It was disappointing that my family (read children, grandchildren, mother, siblings--no one) attended my graduation last June or ordination in January. The fact is, they have very little awareness of what my life is like, what’s important to me or how I contribute to the world. These are things I’m proud of. But, by now, I accept what is with them. It would have been nice to have had my loved ones here supporting me and celebrating my achievements. The hardest part was watching my colleagues embraced by their families at graduation last year. I got over it.

So, tonight is the next year's graduation and I will be there. Maybe that’s why I’m writing this now. My intention is to be free of negative, self-absorbed thoughts about perceived losses and share with a happy heart in my friends’ joy.

My truth is that while my own moments of celebration fell short of my desires, they were perfect. What made them perfect? They were my own! These were MY rites of passage, MY special moments marking the completion of the hard work I did and the great learning, sharing and growing I experienced in school and in training for ministry. My work is to serve others, not please my family or get strokes from them. How fortunate and grateful I am for my years at Unity Institute, and for the learning, friendships and personal growth that came with it. What a gift! Woohoo to me!

It’s not entirely sour grapes that my family wasn’t there. But seriously, it is completely their loss.

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