Sunday, June 12, 2016

“I am against Donald Trump for president in a really big way.” 

I just heard that on this week’s “On the Media” and couldn’t agree more. The tyranny of Donald Trump is often on my mind these days. What has become of this country? I get it that much of the populace is disaffected; but are they really that racist and vapid to want a vulgar, unqualified, lying charlatan and neo-fascist as president? President!! As in highest office of the land, the person representing the United States of America in the global arena, the one we elect to lead us toward our highest collective aspirations and greatest well-being? 

Until recently I thought of Trump as a clown, a freakish entertainment, like something from the circus. Alas, Chucky has overstayed his welcome. This guy is no clown; he is fundamentally un-American and frighteningly dangerous. How do so many people not see that?

Question: What can I do to help end this disaster? 
Answer:   Support Hillary Clinton in as many ways as possible and vote for her.

This I surely will do. Honestly, I think Hillary is an excellent candidate. I would be voting for her, regardless of the Republican nominee. Hillary has been painted repeatedly as nefarious by her political opponents, despite the lack of merit to the accusations. I guess if you repeat a lie long and loud enough, people believe it. For my part, I take these claims with an eye to their right-wing source. The private email server claims are especially lame, since her predecessors did the same. 

Hillary has been around for a long time. That’s a plus, not a shortcoming. She knows her way around the mean streets of DC. We know who she is--a tough politician whose heart is in the right place, a well-respected Secretary of State, a solid Senator able to consider all sides (e.g. supporting the Republican president over Iraq, given the evidence presented), and the clearest, loudest voice for the rights of the least among us (read women, children, the poor and everyone without employer-paid health care) from the very start of her career. This woman is smart (Yale Law School!) and, as noted, capable. She has made a difference in improving lives in every position she’s held. Donald Trump fired people before taking his show on the road. Where in his his sleazy, flip-flopping, bankrupt casino, reality TV world is there one credential, beyond his brags?

Qualifications aside, Donald Trump is breeding hatred, bigotry, violence, and disregard for our legal system, while encouraging people to act out on their lowest, fear-based, brawling proclivities. With The Donald as president, we’ll have less to fear Islamist terrorists. We’ll be more worried about the next insane thing our neighbors and co-workers will be egged on to do with the assault weapons they’re carrying (legally!) and itching to use.

I am afraid the inmates are very close to running the asylum, if they aren’t already. Again, what can I do?

In my mind’s eye I see a Hillary sign on my front lawn. Thinking it out a just a bit further, what happens if I do? Could there be consequences I don’t want?Donald Trump is a demagogue who encourages his supporters to violence. Trump has made it open season on “Mexicans” (but I think he means all Hispanics, regardless of country of origin, including US citizens!) and Muslims of every kind. How many millions of honest, law-abiding citizens does that mean?

Back to the "Vote for Hillary" sign. I am not really afraid of the people in my neighborhood, am I? It may just be a rumor (I keep meaning to check) but I was told that the Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan at one time lived in this neighborhood. Donald Trump never heard of the Klan. Somehow I don’t believe him. 

What I think doesn’t seem to make a difference. And it won’t, so long as the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the rest of the Republican leadership are willing to support Trump even as they decry his racism. Since they have chosen to put political power ahead of the good of the nation, we could all be doomed. 

What kind of spell has Trump managed to cast on these so-called leaders, anyway? Is there no line of moral despicability he could cross that would finally make a difference? Clearly, the ones he’s crossed already have not moved the needle. How does Trump’s shit not stink? Maybe it is true that he could shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and get away with it. Think about it: THIS could be president. Could that really happen? If it does, thinking people will no longer be safe.

Meanwhile, I still my right to free speech. I absolutely do. But so do the trolls and purveyors of hate. Have you noticed them lately? I have. They torment people with unbearable threats of violence on social media. How is that legal? It’s not legal to beat up people who look Mexican or wear head-scarves, but that’s what our schools and streets are like these days. Face the truth, people. America has gotten mean and dangerous for non-whites and women. And it’s the meanest, acting-outest people who support Donald Trump. Soon they’ll be gunning for the 1% and anyone with a liberal arts degree. Oh wait. I have one of those.

If this is about me, then it is a personal dilemma, not a political one. If I can’t proudly support the first woman to run for president, someone super qualified and heads-above superior to her opponent who will attempt to maintain civil discourse for just a while longer, then what am I? What personal responsibility do I have in upholding this apparently fragile democracy? Maybe the time is NOW to look at my fears, deny their power over me and step into a greater consciousness. I SUPPORT HILLARY CLINTON. I WILL NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY SO!

If our rights come from a higher source, as the Founding Fathers declared, then what could I possibly be afraid of? I have history on my side! 

More importantly, if I don’t choose faith over fear, how can I expect it of anyone else?

Hand me that lawn sign. And while we’re at it, get me a couple of bumper stickers, too! Hillary, I’m all in!

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