Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello, again! Yes, I’ve returned to blogging, which in this case meant starting over from the beginning- Post 1. I had a blog a few years ago. If it still exists somewhere in the ethers, it’s inaccessible to me now. Unfortunate. Disappointing, and my own fault. Use it or lose it, as they say. Seems I accidently erased the old account associated with the blog and failed to retrieve it right away, which I could have done if I’d had the courage at the time.

Keeping all the technology straight confounds me regularly—so many accounts and passwords to juggle, computers that have gone kaput over the years, files and backups I don’t want to think about. I have to admit to a low threshold of tolerance with the ins and outs of all this technology.  That said, I keep at it. If only at my own pace, I haven’t given up the fight. I know where ‘the cloud’ is, I just haven’t dared to go there yet.

All is well. Here’s a second chance at the Lesleyblueskies blog! You gotta love second chances, right. The old blog name was, thankfully, available. We’re back in business, boys and girls!

The good news is we occasionally get ‘do overs’ in life. Yay!! Let’s acknowledge those blessings right here and right now. We don’t ‘expect’ them, but when they come it’s like grace, right. I like to appreciate life’s unexpected gifts as ‘miracles.’ They happen all the time! Nothing supernatural has to happen in order to experience a miracle. A miracle is a shift in perception, a way of seeing things differently so that you see the blessing in them, the possibility that wasn’t obvious before the shift happened. I bet you can find a miracle right now if you look for it—the silver lining in the gray cloud, the thing that wasn’t supposed to happen that opened up something better, the detour that took you on a more beautiful side road...  If you can’t remember the last time it happened, try looking for the next time. You’ll see what I mean.

Our everyday human, ego-based thoughts are limited. They don’t look for rainbows; they look for how to survive because they are based in fear of losing what we have or not getting something we want. The Truth is that life is abundant, with unlimited possibilities we can’t even imagine in our personalities. We forget that until we stop to remember we are divine creations. God is unlimited. We are the Christ, inheritors of our heavenly father’s unlimited nature. Whole worlds of possibility are always open to us in every moment. But we forget. There’s more to us than we remember in our daily lives.

How often do I remember in a day that I am God in expression disguised as me, Lesley? Not as often as would benefit my crappy attitude, that’s for sure! The frustrations, insecurities, fears and doubts that arise in me regularly would have no foothold if my ego did not think it needed to run my day. And there you have it—the cause of all my problems. My sense of being a limited, separated ‘me’ is the source of any difficulty I experience ever. The help and healing of those difficulties is remembering that is NOT the truth of who I am. I AM is who I AM. Lesleyblueskies is at best an adorable self-image, made up by me, lost and recovered countless times.

So let’s hear it for do-overs and second chances, the little miracle moments that remind us God is in charge of the big picture and not our limited selves! What a relief! Thank you, God.

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